SamBo (bblwrapnpostits) wrote in phantomlvrs4e,

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c'mon guys!!!

get posting!!!

thx for commmin to my PARTY! it was sooo much fun.

i seriously love fantom...

it was the greatest movie ever!!

sept for the last 20 minutes...

i started getting movie A.D.D


to long for me to be sitting in the same place for a while...

and you guys kno me...i get ansy as HELL....



xox sam xox
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I just have something to say to funny_virgo_07 the reason I ban you from phantom_icons is because some one reported you here that you just take phantom icons and never credit back. I assume you read the community infos here and rules that you must credit back the makers when you are using their icons. here is how to credit back.

I read an entry from your lj about getting frustrated that you've been banned for "no reason" but actually is because failing to credit back and the person told me that there is no ways to contact you. I got frustrated that you 1) did not credit back 2) did not read the community info/rules.

I am giving you a second chance, I am very sure that the icons you are using right now aren't yours.

credit back the icons you are using now

I will 'un-ban' you if you show us that you can do this simple thing.